Birds Tea Towel - Boobies

This Boobies tea towel features all seven birds in the Booby family, including the Blue Footed Booby, emblem of the Galapagos Islands. Designed by Sarah Edmonds each bird is painted by hand and include Sarah’s signature typography.
This educational and cheeky design is popular with adventurers, bird watchers and everyone with a good sense of humour. It makes anyone who enjoys birds or words! Use it to dry dishes, adorn the table or frame it on the wall.
The colours are really vibrant with the details of the birds giving them all unique characteristics. From the bright blue beak of the red footed Booby, to the vibrant yellow feet of the Brown Booby, this design will brighten up the kitchen or office and always raises a smile.
Designed and printed in the Uk on premium quality cotton. Wash at 30 degrees.

H 76cm
W 48cm

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